PT Momentum is a mobile application designed to bring exercises and workouts, created by professionals, directly to your pocket. The application reminds you to exercise and shows you how - making it easy for you to follow your personal exercise program. By following the instructions, you can be sure that you are doing your exercises correctly.
View and perform your daily exercises.
View your current Momentum and history from the previous 30 days.
View all programs scheduled for you. Grey indicates that the program is not active.
The home screen shows your exercises scheduled for the current day. You can also check your Momentum to see how well you have been following your exercise program.

Momentum is a easily understandable figure (0-100) that calculates how actively you have followed your prescribed exercise program. Checking your Momentum is the easiest way to follow how well you are doing?

Momentum 0–25, you haven’t done your exercises
Momentum 26–50, you have done under 50% of your exercises
Momentum 51–75, you have done most of your exercises
Momentum 76–100, you have actively followed your program
In the calendar screen you can view your scheduled exercises and history. Past exercises are marked either green or yellow depending on whether you have completed them or not. Future exercises are marked with blue dots. By clicking on a day you can see all exercises scheduled for that day.

View your history. Green indicates completed exercises, Yellow not completed.
View your upcoming exercises. Blue indicates that you have exercises to complete.
When your therapist updates your exercise program, PT Momentum is automatically updated. Check out the video to see how it works.

Click here to learn how to start using the PT Momentum app